3 AC Unit Problems That Should Be Looked At By An HVAC Repair Contractor

If your AC unit is a little older, you'll probably start experiencing problems with it. Some of them you can repair yourself, but then others warrant help from an HVAC repair technician. Here are a few that fit into this category.  Leaking Coolant A telltale sign of leaking coolant is when your AC unit blows out warm air. Any time this happens, you should quickly contact an HVAC repair technician. They are the only party that can quickly identify the source of this leak, which they need to know to create an effective patch.

3 Signs You Should Check in with HVAC Contractors

Heating and cooling may not be the first thing you think about when you open your business for the day, but it should be one of the main things on your mind if there is a chance that something is going on with your system. Know what to look for when it comes to hints and tells that there may be issues going on with your heating and cooling, so you can fix things before there are major issues.