Three Common Furnace Issues

Furnace problems can leave you shivering during the cold season. If you noticed any issues with your furnace at the end of the last heating season, then summer is a great time to have them addressed. This way you can be sure your furnace is operating perfectly once cold weather arrives again in the fall.

1. Reduced Airflow

A lack of airflow through the vents or back into the air returns can be a major concern. Not only will reduced airflow lead to poor or patchy heating throughout your home, it will also put stress on your furnace. This stress will increase the chances of a mechanical failure and the need for repair. The most obvious causes of reduced airflow are blocked vents and returns. Make sure all the vents are open and that no furniture, drapes, or other items are covering the vents. Dirty filters can also reduce airflow, so all air filters must be replaced regularly. If airflow still seems to be reduced, a repair tech will need to inspect your system to find the problem.

2. Odd Noises

Your furnace should make no loud noises. The only noise you should expect from a furnace is the hum when it is running and perhaps a small pop or series of pops from the thermal contraction of the ductwork when the furnace first comes on. Any other noise can indicate a problem. A loud whining sound may mean a problem with the blower mower. Grinding sounds often indicate that the bearings have failed in the blower fan. As a general rule, if your furnace is making in sounds outside of the norm, you should immediately shut it down and call for a repair inspection. Continuing to run the furnace can lead to more extensive damage and the need for a more expensive repair or even replacement.

3. Poor Heating

If your furnace is failing to heat your home to the desired temperature, the problem may lie with the furnace itself or with the thermostat. A failed thermostat may not relay the heating setting accurately to the furnace, which means your home will likely feel the same temperature throughout. If the problem is with the furnace, you may have patchy heating. Often when a furnace is failing, rooms located closer to the furnace warm up adequately while those further away remain cold. Issues with the blower or heat pump are often the reason why the furnace is operating poorly.

Contact a heating repair service in your area for more assistance.