2 Reasons You Should Avoid Installing a Central Heating Unit Too Large for Your House

If the time has come to replace your home's central heating unit, you may be in the process of selecting the new one for installation. While looking at various models and sizes, you may be thinking that installing an oversized heater will keep your house warmer without constantly running. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should avoid installing a central heating unit that is too large for the space inside of your home.

1. Constant Short Cycling Will Wear Out the Heater More Quickly

One reason why you should not install an oversized furnace in your house is that the larger unit versus the smaller space it needs to heat will make the furnace short cycle. Because the unit will heat at least part of the house too quickly, it will shut off prematurely, which could leave rooms further away from the heater colder than the others.

Along with making the air temperature in your house uneven, short cycling will also cause the motor in the furnace to wear out faster than normal. This is because it is constantly shutting off and on. If you have a unit that is the right size for your house, the air temperature will be distributed evenly before the furnace kicks off. And, because the furnace was designed to turn off and on in a set cycle, it will not be as hard on the motor.

2. Oversized Unit Will Cost More to Heat Your Home

One of your reasons for buying an oversized unit may be to try to save money heating your house. While it may seem as though a larger unit will heat a smaller space more efficiently, you will find that your energy bills will be higher than if you had a smaller unit. If the furnace is too large for the house and short cycles, the constant kicking off and on of the unit will drain electricity. This energy drain will then translate into higher gas or electric bills because the demand is much higher.

Even though you may believe an oversized heater for your house will help keep you warmer while saving you money, you will find that the opposite will be true. Your home will not stay as warm, and your energy bills will most likely skyrocket. For help with selecting the correct sized unit for your home's space, speak with a heating contractor near you.