3 Signs You Should Check in with HVAC Contractors

Heating and cooling may not be the first thing you think about when you open your business for the day, but it should be one of the main things on your mind if there is a chance that something is going on with your system. Know what to look for when it comes to hints and tells that there may be issues going on with your heating and cooling, so you can fix things before there are major issues. Here are things that may give you an indication that a contractor should come out.

1. Your energy bills are continuing to go up

One month of high energy bills can be explained by things like a sudden and extreme weather change. However, if you have two high months in a row or more, then it's time to rule out a problem with your HVAC system. First, you should be making sure the air filter is clean. If this isn't the problem, then there might be a leak that is causing a lot of the air to escape before it is being deposited in the rooms. This will cause the system to continue to raise or lower the temperature you have set the thermostat to but will consistently be unable to do so.

2. Certain areas aren't being heated or cooled as they should

When you have a central HVAC system, you should have the entire house or business space being heated or cooled evenly. If this isn't happening, make sure all the vents are fully opened and pointing toward the centermost parts of the rooms. You don't want to shut the vents because the central systems are not designed to work in this manner. Not only does shutting them cause uneven heating and cooling, but it also threatens the system due to the air not flowing in the necessary directions or pressure levels. If the vents are all open and you're seeing issues, have a tech come out to see what the real problem is.

3. People are feeling unwell

If you notice that people in your household or employees in your business are experiencing a lot of allergy symptoms, asthma attacks, or other respiratory illnesses, then have a tech come out to check the HVAC system to make sure that you don't have mildew or mold in the ducts and/or vents. Your system may just need a good cleaning.

If you're unsure about whether your HVAC system is working, contact local heating and air contractors.