Why Your Furnace And Air Conditioner Need Regular Maintenance From A Licensed HVAC Technician

When climate control and air quality are important, you probably run your HVAC most months of the year. All that wear and tear can affect the equipment over time if you don't keep up with maintenance. Both the air conditioner and furnace parts of the HVAC need to be serviced regularly. Here are the reasons why this is so important.

Your Energy Bills Will Be Lower

When your air conditioner and furnace don't work optimally, your energy bills will be higher. That's because the AC or furnace has to run longer to reach the setting on the thermostat. When you have HVAC service in the spring and fall, the parts are all in good shape and clean. This allows the equipment to operate efficiently and keep your power bills low.

Your Home Will Be Safer

Clean equipment is also safer. If you have a gas furnace, soot builds up in the combustion area. This can make it difficult for the ignition to light the burners. One serious side effect of this is a cracked heat exchanger. When the heat exchanger cracks, carbon monoxide could leak into your home.

When soot coats the combustion area, the flames could potentially start a fire. The furnace might even have mini explosions when the burners light. These tiny explosions make a banging sound when they happen, and they can blow soot out of the furnace and into your house. These safety issues can be avoided by having your furnace cleaned out annually.

Your Warranty Is Maintained

You might be required to have annual maintenance on your furnace and air conditioner to comply with the terms of your warranty. When your HVAC has been serviced, keep track of the receipts so you have proof in case you ever need to use your warranty. Also, keep in mind that repairs and cleaning probably have to be done by a licensed technician, and doing DIY HVAC repairs might void the warranty too.

You Reduce The Risk Of Discomfort

A clean air conditioner and furnace help your home have improved air quality, and that could make your life more comfortable if you have allergies. Regular HVAC maintenance can also prevent breakdowns in extreme heat or cold, and that not only helps you avoid discomfort, it helps you save money on repair bills.

Regular HVAC service helps your equipment have a longer life. A good schedule is to have your annual AC maintenance done in the spring and annual furnace maintenance done in the fall. This schedule ensures the air handler is cleaned and checked twice a year. Since both the AC and furnace use the same air handler, it gets a lot of wear and tear, so checking it twice a year reduces the risk it will have problems or a breakdown.