Advanced Features To Invest In With Your New AC System

If you have not purchased a new central air conditioner in quite a while, but are now considering your options, then you probably are not aware of all of the different bells and whistles available to you. Well, there are quite a few different features that now come with the systems, so keep reading to learn about a few that will make your life a bit easier.

Fan Delay and Variable Fan Speed

Newer air conditioning units are made with energy efficiency in mind. While the main goal is to directly reduce the use of electricity, there are some features built into the unit to help further limit energy waste. And, the unit's fan is one such device that assists with this. So, you want to look for a unit that offers both a fan delay and variable speed.

Fan delay features are ones that allow the blower fan to remain on for a few minutes after the cooling unit turns off. This helps to push all of the cooled air into your home through the ductwork so it is not wasted. The result is a small boost in cooling power that will delay the unit from turning on again. 

In addition to the delay, you also should invest in an AC system that has a fan with a variable speed. HVAC professionals advise consumers to use the fan feature at night to keep air flowing without overtaxing the AC system. With a unit that has an option for high and low speeds, this can mean more airflow and less of a need for cooling once the sun sets. 

Also, you want to see if there are any options for fan activation using a timer or a programmable thermostat. This can help you from forgetting to turn the fan on at night. 

Filter Change Alerts

The vast majority of thermostats will have basic alert systems that let you know when it is time to change your air filter. However, these are based on time and do not accurately provide information about the condition of the air filter. Air filtration within the AC system is extremely important. It ensures that the ductwork remains free of debris and it also retains the energy efficiency of the system. So, you want to invest in an air conditioner that utilizes a more advanced filter alert system.

The system will detect when airflow reduces through the intake. A light will go off on the control system either on your thermostat or the AC unit itself. For units that have a dedicated HEPA filter, the filtration unit may beep or use a gauge to let you know about the function of the filter.

For more information, contact an air conditioner service in your area.