High-Velocity HVAC Systems And Adding Them To Your Home Renovations When There Has Never Been Air Conditioning

If you have a home that has never had central HVAC, then you want to find the right solution to install air conditioning when doing renovations. Some of the options include ductless and high-velocity air conditioning systems. High-velocity systems use compact ducts that can be installed in existing cavities with a minimal amount of work. The following information will help you with planning the installation of a high-velocity AC system for your home.

Working with an HVAC Contractor to Plan the Installation of a High-Velocity AC

If you are doing renovations and want to add air conditioning to your home, you are going to need professional help when planning these systems. Talk with a contractor about the needs of your home, the budget, and getting a professional mechanical plan drawn for the new air conditioning system you are planning on installing in your home.

Designing the Installation of Ducts and Equipment That Need to Be Installed

The ducts of your AC need to be planned when installing a new high-velocity system. These are compact ducts, but you want to find the best locations to install the ducts without interfering with the structure. In addition, you will also need to plan the location of the plenum, where the cold air is directed to different areas of your home from the AC.

Installing the Ducts and Deciding Where the Best Locations for High-Velocity AC Vents Will Be

The ducts that you install in your home will need vents, which are going to need to be different than a normal HVAC system. This is because of the higher rate of air flowing out of the vents, which you do not want to be directly blown on you. Therefore, consider the interior design of your home and where furniture is located when deciding where the vents of your compact ducts are going to be installed.

Installation of the AC Unit and Deciding on What Type of Heating You Will Need for Cold Weather

The AC unit will need to be installed outside after all the ducts have been installed. This can be an efficient AC unit that only provides AC, or it can be a heat pump that can also provide heating during the winter months. If your AC is not going to have heating, you will want to talk with the contractor about solutions to heat your home during the colder winter months.

These are some of the things that you will want to know about high-velocity AC when installing air conditioning during home renovations. If you are ready to add a new AC system to your home, contact an AC installation service.