3 AC Unit Problems That Should Be Looked At By An HVAC Repair Contractor

If your AC unit is a little older, you'll probably start experiencing problems with it. Some of them you can repair yourself, but then others warrant help from an HVAC repair technician. Here are a few that fit into this category. 

Leaking Coolant

A telltale sign of leaking coolant is when your AC unit blows out warm air. Any time this happens, you should quickly contact an HVAC repair technician. They are the only party that can quickly identify the source of this leak, which they need to know to create an effective patch.

The contractor will pinpoint the leak using a dye test. The dye they use shows up under a UV light. So all the contractor has to do is send this dye through the coolant lines. They can then use the light to see where the coolant is coming from. Then, that's where they'll apply the patch.

Frequent Cycling

If your AC unit keeps cycling on and off without you prompting it to, a number of things could be causing the problem. In this case, you would be better off consulting a licensed HVAC repair contractor.

They deal with cycling issues on a regular basis, and because of this experience, they can identify the culprit much quicker than you could. The issue could be a dirty air filter, clogged air ducts, or a malfunctioning thermostat. Whatever the issue is, the contractor will work quickly to rectify the situation so that your AC unit stays on when it's supposed to. 

Frozen Lines Outside

There may be a point in time when the lines outside freeze up. This should not be happening at all, and if it is, that could mean your AC unit is low on refrigerant.

You will thus need to reach out and get assistance from an HVAC repair technician. They need to recharge your system, which they'll do with special coolant. They know exactly what type to bring out to your property based on the type of AC unit you have. 

The contractor also will follow the necessary safety protocol when refilling your AC unit back to the correct levels, preventing any accidents from happening.

Having an AC unit means dealing with problems from time to time. When they involve complex repairs and inspections, make sure you hire an HVAC repair technician. As long as this technician is skilled and licensed, the repair they come up with should work out great.