Three Things An HVAC Technician Will Perform On Your Commercial HVAC System To Prevent A Breakdown

Businesses often wait until their heating and air conditioning system either breaks down or is not working properly before they call an HVAC company. However, this is the wrong approach. It is best to schedule an appointment to have a thorough check and maintenance of your system to reduce the chances of failure. The following are a few things a technician will do.

They will change all the air filters

Changing the air filters is critical because dirty filters will both harm your heating and air system, and allow dirty air to circulate throughout your buildings. Those who are sensitive to this, employees or customers, can have unhealthy reactions to this unhealthy air. In addition, you don't have to worry about buying the right filters or having one of your employees get up on a roof, as well as haul the filters up a ladder. This can be dangerous for an amateur, but professional technicians do this daily, and they do it safely.

They will perform a visual inspection of the system

This includes the electrical connections and the belts. The latter is a common reason for a system breaking down. The belts on the motors are not expensive, and when they break, more damage can be done, especially when they are the belts for the cooling fans. This situation can easily be prevented by replacing a belt when it shows excessive wear. Along with a visual inspection, a technician will also listen to the motors to determine if there is a problem, such as bearings. While they are doing an inspection, they make sure the fans are moving properly with no noise and the movement is even.

They will perform tests on your system

Problems can develop that can only be found with testing. The contractor can take measurements on a motor to see if it is pulling the correct current. Key electrical connections can also be measured for correct readings. They can take temperature readings for all critical components, including the motors. High temperatures are often a sign of a system component that will need replacing. The temperature of the entire system can also be taken.

The best time to call for maintenance is during the off-seasons. This is fall and springtime. These are the times before it gets too hot or too cold because when this happens, everybody's calling for repairs. Along with an appointment, you can also have a contract with an HVAC company, so your maintenance is scheduled at the appropriate time, and when you have a problem with your heating and air system, the company will give priority to their customers before new ones.

To learn more, reach out to a commercial HVAC maintenance contractor in your area.