3 Possible Causes of a Noisy Air Conditioning Compressor

Air conditioners are made of several components that work together to make your atmosphere bearable. When functioning properly, they add comfort and make people more productive. However, a noisy AC can be such a nuisance. If your compressor is becoming unbearably noisy, you should call your AC repair technician for diagnosis. Ignoring such noises will not only drive you crazy but will also continue to expose your AC to more damage. Below are three possible causes of a noisy AC compressor. 

Worn Out Compressor

If your compressor is producing grinding noises, it may be time to replace it entirely. Your technician may also advise you to replace the AC unit, depending on the severity of the problem. The noise you hear results from pistons that compress the refrigerant since this is where the compressor is positioned. This problem is common among old systems whose piston pins struggle to function. If your AC unit is old, replacing it will be more feasible. If not, it will keep necessitating constant repairs to keep it functional. Replacing it may appear expensive because of the upfront cost, but it will offer a long-term solution. 

Clogs or Pressure Buildup

A whistling sound coming from your compressor may imply you have clogs. However, if you only hear it for some minutes before it disappears, it should not be a cause for alarm. The problem comes if the hisses persist. If this is the case, you need a technician to assess your system for leaks or blocked valves. Whatever the issue, you need to respond fast to prevent the problem from intensifying. Leaks especially are hazardous if you inhale the gas for too long. If left unchecked, it could damage the entire system, thus requiring replacements. 

Loose Components or Wreckages

Some interior components of your AC wear off and slack with time. The AC compressor belts are among those parts that loosen up after years of operation. A squealing noise is an indication of a malfunctioned AC compressor belt. A reputable AC technician should assess the situation and advise accordingly. If all the components are intact, you may need to check the cleanliness of the interior. Wreckages like pebbles and plastic chippings produce similar sounds when your AC runs. This problem mostly affects the outdoor unit because it is more exposed to dirt elements. 

Your AC compressor may produce different noises, depending on the cause. However, troubleshooting the problem is not straightforward unless you're a qualified AC repair professional. As seen, sometimes the sounds can deceive you on the cause of the problem. Contact a local AC repair service such as Advanced Air Conditioning and Heat to diagnose and correct the problem if your AC unit is noisy and disruptive.