5 Tips For Hiring A Home Fuel Oil Delivery Service

For homes on oil heat, scheduling fuel oil delivery is an important seasonal task. The following tips can help you choose the best service for your needs.

1. Price Lock-In

Often home heating oil is the least expensive in summer, when you don't need it. Many fuel oil delivery services provide customers a chance to call in and lock in an oil rate at any time of year. This may mean signing a contract that you will use only this delivery service for a set period of time, but it can lead to major savings on your heating costs.

2. Delivery Schedule

Make sure the service delivers on a schedule that is convenient for you. Some services only deliver monthly on an assigned day, while others only deliver when you call them to schedule a fresh delivery. If you go through oil slowly, then the second choice may be the better option. Also, check to see if they provide after-hours service in case you run out of oil on the weekend.

3. Access Ability

Access to the fuel oil tank is a must. If the fill port isn't near the a road or driveway, then you need to verify that the service has trucks equipped with a long enough fuel hose to properly fill your oil tank from the nearest parking area. This is usually only an issue on rural properties that may not have the easiest access to the home site, particularly in winter when the roads may be under a lot of snow and ice.

4. Subscription Services

Another way to get a possible discount and to ensure you have regular deliveries is to sign up for a subscription service through the oil delivery service. This may mean having the tank topped up weekly or biweekly, even if you have plenty of fuel. Or, you may be required to purchase a certain amount of fuel or schedule a specific number of deliveries over the heating season to qualify for a subscription discount.

5. Service Calls

Some fuel services only deliver home heating oil, while others may provide other heating services such as system maintenance or repairs. If you prefer to have an all-in-one service, then make sure the oil delivery company you hire can also provide basic service calls. They may even include it as a package with a fuel subscription or pre-order.

Contact a fuel oil delivery company to learn more about scheduling heating oil services.