Are Your Air Ducts Damaging Your Health?

People spend more time indoors during the cold winter months. This makes the quality of the air inside your home important when it comes to maintaining your overall health. Experts estimate that indoor air is often two to five times (and sometimes even more) polluted than the air found outdoors.

Many factors can affect the quality of your indoor air, but the condition of your air ducts is a significant factor. Dirty air ducts have the potential to negatively impact your health, so you should schedule regular duct cleanings with an HVAC professional.

Respiratory Agitation

One of the most common indicators of poor indoor air quality is the manifestation of respiratory agitation.

You or your family members might notice allergy symptoms getting worse when your air ducts are dirty. You may also notice that you cough more when you are inside your home. Other respiratory indicators of dirty air ducts can include frequent sore throats and difficulty breathing.

Dirty air ducts cause an increase in the circulation of allergens and contaminants inside your home, increasing the risk of respiratory agitation. A good duct cleaning could help your family experience relief from any respiratory illnesses plaguing your home.

Pest-Transmitted Disease

Another serious risk you are exposed to when your air ducts are dirty is the possibility of contracting a pest-transmitted disease. Insects, rodents, and birds can all find their way into your air duct system. Ducts serve as a refuge for pests during the cold months, and it is not uncommon for pests to die inside your vents.

Any bacteria, viruses, or other contaminants carried by a decaying pest can be pushed into your home when your furnace kicks on. A duct cleaning will remove any dead pests from your ducts and prevent the possibility of disease spreading within your home.

Toxic Mold Exposure

Air ducts can serve as the warm, moist environment that mold needs to thrive. Mold growth within your air ducts could put your health at risk.

Exposure to certain types of mold can result in the development of lung infections and other severe respiratory reactions. These infections can be difficult to treat, and they have the potential to leave behind lasting damage to your lung tissue.

All mold spores will be cleared out of your air ducts during a thorough duct cleaning, protecting you and your family from the serious health risks that can accompany mold exposure. Contact a company like AirGanic to schedule an inspection today.