Things To Know Before You Need Furnace Repair

Unfortunately, at some point in time, you are going to need to have some type of repair done to your furnace. Hopefully, you will not need to call for an emergency furnace repair in the middle of the night or on the weekend because your home is suddenly ice cold. Regardless of the situation when the unit needs servicing, there are a few things you should know and understand before you make the call to have a technician sent to your home. Here are some of them. 

Know Your Furnace

When you contact an HVAC repair company, they are going to need to know about your furnace so that they can send the right equipment for the job. Make sure you know if you have a gas, oil, or electric system. You should also be able to tell them the year, make, and model of the unit. If you had the system or unit serviced in the last year, be sure to let them know about it. Hopefully, you will be calling the same company so that they can get the record of what happened during the maintenance trip.

Be Able to Describe the Issue

You probably will not know the exact problem; however, you need to be able to describe what is going on. Pay attention to any noises the system is making. You should also check to see if any air is blowing out of the vents at all or if it is blowing cold air. If the system is not coming on at all, you need to let them know this as well. There are some things they may ask you to do while on the phone with them to help troubleshoot the problem. Make sure you know how to turn the system on and off, how to use the thermostat, how to check the fuel level, or which breaker operates the system. 

You want to have any problems resolved before they become so serious there is no heat for your home. Pay attention to how often your heater is coming on and how long it stays on. If you notice that it is working harder and yet the temperature has not dropped, it is time to contact a professional. This will keep you from having to pay for extra an emergency visit. In addition, the cost of the repair will usually be less than if the system is not working at all because the problem will be less severe.