Four Hacks to Keep Your Place Cool and Your Air Conditioner Turned Off

If your energy bill skyrockets every summer, you might be looking to make a change this time around. Here are some hacks you can use to help keep your air conditioner turned off for longer periods of time in order to keep your electric bill down.

Create Natural Shade

If you have a lot of windows in your home, you will be bringing in extra heat every day that the sun is shining brightly. In order to insulate yourself from this, consider planting a few trees close to your home. Taller trees will be able to provide natural shade for your house so things don't get so hot as quickly. 

Create Your Own Shade

If installing a few fully-grown trees in your yard isn't something you want to do right now, there's another solution to the window problem. Invest in a few new sets of blinds or shade curtains that can be pulled down over at least some of your windows when the sun is shining at its brightest. Better yet, plant the trees and buy the blinds anyway to create even more shade.

Get Strategic with a Few Fans

Install or start using your ceiling fans in every room and consider buying a standalone fan or two for the areas you use most. These fans will help circulate the air from your air conditioner so that it can get the entire house to the correct temperature faster and be able to shut down in economy mode for at least a little while. Yes, the fans themselves will use a bit of electric but not nearly as much as would be used if your air conditioner is running twenty-four hours a day.

Install Screens on Doors or Windows

On days when it's not scorching hot, consider leaving your front or back door open for a natural breeze. If you are worried about bugs, install a screen door so you can still get a gentle breeze rolling in from outside. This same logic works for your windows as well. With a few open windows and doors and those fans we just talked about, you might not even need to turn on the air conditioner at all.

If you want to keep cool this summer without paying a fortune, consider making a few adjustments to your house to help give your air conditioner a break. For the best results, contact a local air conditioning repair service to schedule regular maintenance. A professional contractor will be able to keep your air conditioner running efficiently in order to keep your energy bill as low as possible. Discover more here.