Worried About The Safety Of Your Furnace? What To Know Now

As a homeowner it's important to maintain your appliances and to know when to replace them. If your furnace is past due for an upgrade and you think it's time invest in a new unit, there are some things to research and know so you are confident you are getting an efficient and safe unit.

Set up a consultation with more than one HVAC company to have them provide an estimate for a new unit with installation, and to have them remove the other. Ask about each of the following features and things to have done.

Change to a Furnace with a Condensing Unit

If you upgrade to a fuel-fired furnace unit, heat created in the combustion chamber is transferred and used to heat the home. The condensing unit doubles the process by extracting the water vapor created by the exhaust gas and heat, and then using that to heat the home as well. That is double the heat without double the resources.

Get Top Safety Features

Make sure that the new furnace you pick out has the top safety features that you will need to keep your house safe, including the following:

  • Limit switch
  • Mercury flame sensor
  • Sealed combustion chamber
  • Carbon monoxide detectors

Tell the HVAC contractors that these are all things you want to see on the furnace, to help ensure that you can keep your house safe. You want to be notified by the unit if there is something wrong with the unit, so alarms are great to have.

Have an Overall Inspection as Well

There are other things that your furnace installation professional should look at since you already have them in your home. Have the duct work and ventilation systems inspected for leaks or damages, and also the air conditioning unit to make sure there aren't problems. It's important to know all gas pipes and plumbing fixtures are in good condition.

It's worth investing money into a new furnace if you want to heat your home comfortable and safely, and if efficiency is one of your goals. Look at the different model options that the HVAC repair contractors recommend and make sure that you have set a budget, so you know how much money you can spend, and how much money the project could cost. Investing in the safety and efficiency of your home can help improve the property value, so don't hesitate to get a new furnace.