How To Stay Warm Before The Heating Technician Arrives

When your heating system breaks down during an extremely cold weather, your first step should be to call an emergency technician to resolve the issue as fast as possible. However, the technician will not arrive as soon as you put your phone down, which means you have to stay warm while waiting for their arrival. Here are some practical and easy tips to help you do just that:

Stop All Drafts

The first thing is to close all air leaks and ensure you don't have any draft at all. This will help because the flow of air over your body will make you feel even colder. Therefore, close all the does and windows and seal any cracks along their edges. It also helps to hang curtains, double layers are even more helpful, over the windows.

Stay In One Room

If there are several people in your household, then you should close all the other rooms and gather up in one. Ideally, your chosen room should be the smallest one that can accommodate all of you. This will help because your body heat will heat up the room.

Dress In Layers

You have probably heard that dressing up in layers is better than dressing up in one thick material; well, it's true. This is because dressing up in layers allows the different pieces of clothing to trap some air between them, and the air is a good insulator that will prevent some heat from escaping your body.

Take Hot Food and Drinks

You should also cook some hot food and eat it before it gets cold. This will help you in two main ways; first, the process of cooking will release some heat in your house and help with the cold. Secondly, eating or drinking hot things will warm you up by raising your internal body temperature.

Light Up the Candles

If you have some candles in the house, light up as many of them as possible. The candles will release some heat and warm up the air in your home. Place the candles in different locations all around the room so that they can heat up as much space as possible; don't crowd them all in one place.

Turn On the Lights

It also helps to switch on the lights in your room if you don't have candles or in addition to the candles. A typical light bulb doesn't convert all the electricity it receives into light; it "wastes" some of it in the form of heat. Take advantage of this wastage by switching on all the light fixtures in your room.

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