How To Keep Up Your HVAC Efficiency

If there is one thing that homeowners hate spending money on, it is their utility bills. Instead of trying to constantly turn down your heat and air conditioner to save money, you should be taking more practical and long-term steps to reduce your bills. That is, if you do your part to maintain your system, regularly clean it, and always change your filters in time, your vital HVAC components are going to run more efficiently and last longer. That is, even some basic maintenance can't end up saving you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your home.

Professional and DIY HVAC Care

It is important not to discount the value of professional HVAC maintenance. That is, there are many jobs that only professionals should deal with. Anything that has to deal with gas or electrical components in your system should probably be handled by professionals. But, some of the smaller and easy to access components are still vitally important and can be easily cleaned by the homeowner. For instance, replacing the filter is something that you should do yourself, and there's no reason to pay a professional to do such simple work. It is very important that you remember to replace your filter in time. You can set reminders on your smartphone to check and replace your filter on a regular basis.

Cover and Clean Your AC Unit

It is also important to cover your AC unit during the winter. This is especially vital if you live somewhere that it snows. Snow buildup on top of your AC unit can cause serious damage. However, even if you do cover your AC unit during the winter, you'll probably need to clean it. The outside of the AC unit is lined with condenser coils. To put it as simply as possible, condenser coils are responsible for circulating heat in and out of your house and keeping the AC unit cool. So, if the coils are dirty, your entire AC unit won't be as effective.

The best way to clean coils is to spray them down with a hose. However, they can also get bent and so dirty that water won't clean them. There are cheap coil cleaning brushes that could be very helpful for stubborn dirt. Simply brush the coils, making sure to not to flatten or bend them, and wash out the loose dirt with the hose.

As you can see, there are many easy DIY HVAC maintenance jobs that can increase the efficiency of your system. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.