Two Signs That Your Water Heater Is Starting To Break Down

When you need to get dressed for work in the morning, the last thing you want to deal with is a lack of hot water. A cold shower isn't necessarily the most pleasant experience in the world, and when you couple it with running late the situation can become quite difficult. Although it might seem that your hot water heater conked out without warning, there may have been some signs of disrepair that you failed to notice. Learning more about the signs that your hot water heater is on its last legs is the key to making sure that you avoid an emergency situation.

You Notice Faint Signs Of Rust In Your Water

If you notice that your water starts to have a faint reddish or brown tint to it, you need to determine if your hot water heater is at fault. The rust could either be coming from the water heater or from the piping system in your home. If the rust has its origin in your water heater, you should probably consider having it replaced immediately.

Understand that over time, the inside of your water heater can begin to rust. The constant beating from the water held within the tank of the appliance can do quite a number on the actual body of the machine. The rust may be undetectable at first but if it is not checked it could seriously pollute your water supply. You wouldn't want your family to be drinking water that contains rust because this is quite hazardous.

A good way for you to determine the source of the rust is to run some cold water. Look to see if the rust appears. Then, turn on the hot water. If you notice that the rust only shows up in the hot water, there's a good chance that your water heater is the root cause of the issue.

Your Hot Water Heater Is Louder Than Usual

If you turn on your hot water only to be inundated with loud clanging sounds that seem to come from the direction of the appliance, you might need to have it inspected. Those loud sounds could actually be warning you that the water heater is very close to giving out.

Noting the signs is the best way for you to be forewarned about the condition of your water heater. If you notice either of these occurrences, call in a professional contractor immediately so you can get the help you deserve, or click for more info.