The Pet Owner's Guide To A Well-Maintained Air Conditioner

Your pets are your family. They bring joy to your home, but they can bring additional chores too. One of the forgotten impacts of having a furry friend is its impact on your air conditioning system. All that hair and dander can really leave its mark. However, with proper maintenance you can ensure your air conditioning system is still going strong even if you have a house full of furry friends.

Filters And Ducts

The main places owning a pet really makes a difference in air conditioner care are in the filters and ducts of your air conditioning system. When your air conditioner draws air in, it pulls all of the fur and dander in your home with it.

The first stop this air makes are your air ducts. As the air passes through your ducts it deposits some of the fur and dander along the way. This fur and dander is far beyond the reach of any household vacuum and requires special maintenance to clean. You should schedule for your ducts to be cleaned at least every two to three years if you have pets.

The next stop the fur and dander laced air makes is the air filter in your air conditioning system. It's here that most of the household debris collects. If this filter clogs, it diminishes the air quality in your home and could cause your air conditioning system to burn out. Thankfully, changing your air filter is easy. You simply shut off your system, open the filter door, remove the old filter, and insert the new one with the arrows pointing in the proper direction. If you have pets you should be sure to change your air filter monthly.

Total Burnout

Now, normally air conditioners won't just burn out overnight due to pets. However, over time if regular maintenance isn't kept up on, your air conditioner can suffer from too much hair and dander. Over time the fur and dander mingle with other household air contaminants and will gradually build up in your air conditioning system. Your system will gradually work harder and harder to perform at its usual capacity, until it just can't anymore.

At first maybe you'll notice an increase in how much it costs to cool your home, or maybe your air conditioner kicks on more frequently. Over time these symptoms will increase until your system begins to fail and needs replacement.

Ask For Assistance

If you're having trouble staying stop of additional air conditioner maintenance due to your pets, or if you think your air conditioner has succumbed to the burden of fur and dander, you may want to have an air conditioning service check out your air conditioner for you. They can schedule more frequent maintenance checks and AC repair, and they may offer duct cleaning services to keep your air conditioner in tip top shape.