Answering Questions About Air Conditioning Systems For Homeowners

If you live in an area that experiences intense summer heat, then an air conditioning system is an essential component for both the comfort and safety of those living in your home. The complexity of an air conditioning system can make it hard for a homeowner to understand what is needed for avoiding air conditioning performance problems and other issues.

Is It A Warning Sign Of Serious Problems If You Need To Add Refrigerant To The Air Conditioner?

Some homeowners might assume that it is normal to need to add refrigerant to the air conditioning system. While it may seem like this would be a part of the regular maintenance of these systems, an air conditioning system is designed to be a completely closed system. As a result, low refrigerant will almost always indicate the presence of a leak, and you will need to have the location of the leak identified and repaired in order to prevent low refrigerant from becoming a constant issue for your system.

Does Maintaining An Air Conditioning System Have To Be Expensive?

Keeping an air condition system running efficiently is essential for minimizing the need for major repairs as well as reducing the energy usage requirements. Unfortunately, there is an assumption that having maintenance done to these systems will be extremely expensive. However, you can significantly reduce the expense of maintaining your system by signing a service agreement with a professional HVAC service provider. Often, these services will offer discounted prices for signing a service agreement, and they will visit your property on a yearly schedule so that all the necessary maintenance for the exterior unit is done.

Is An Exterior Air Conditioning Unit Dangerous For Pets And Children?

Exterior air conditioning units can be extremely large and powerful machines. At the heart of this machine will be a large fan that will spin at high speeds. This can make them relatively hazardous for small pets and children. Additionally, these systems can become extremely hot due to being exposed to the sun for long periods of time, and this can allow individuals to burn themselves if they touch it. You can greatly mitigate these potential risks by installing a fence around the exterior unit. Ideally, you should consider a chain link fence for this purpose as this will not restrict the flow of air to the air conditioner. In contrast, fences that are made of solid planks can restrict the airflow to the unit enough to cause serious performance problems.

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