4 Types Of Air Conditioning Services To Help With Newborn Children

As you prepare for the birth of your baby, there are many changes that will likely come to the home. Along with baby-proofing the home and preparing a nursery, you should also consider the state of your central air conditioning unit. If the unit is not properly repaired, you could be dealing with multiple problems when it's time to bring the baby home. By contacting HVAC contractors, you can have four different types of services performed on your central AC unit. Each of these services comes with benefits for your newborn child, and they range from general repairs to maintenance jobs and a variety of upgrade options.

Humidifier Installations

Along with cooling the nursery for your newborn, a central AC unit can have a humidifier built into it. An automatic humidifier can work in conjunction with the unit to provide clean and moist air. Too much dry air can result in dry throats, rashes, skin issues, and stuffy noses for your newborn.  By having the humidifier added to your current unit, you can use the same ventilation system and limit the number of devices needed for your home. Your newborn is provided with fresh air no matter what room they are in. For example, they may spend the few first months in a bassinet in your room and then transfer to the nursery.

Quiet Technology

As an air conditioner ages, you may notice louder noises and vibrations each time it operates. Instead of allowing these noises to disturb the sleep of a newborn, you can upgrade and improve the noise factor on your central AC unit. An HVAC professional can clean fans, air pumps, and other parts to ensure quiet operation. They can tighten parts to eliminate vibrations and allow the air conditioner to run as cool as possible. Extra insulation may even be installed around vents to reduce noises around a nursery.

Digital Thermostat Controls

Newborns have small bodies and sensitive skin that can make it hard to relax and stay comfortable during hot summer months. Instead of estimating the proper temperature for your newborn, you can have upgrades installed to your unit and supply the optimal nursery temperature. An ideal sleeping room temperature for a baby is around 70 degrees. This exact temperature can be set when a digital thermostat is installed for your unit. Smart controls allow you to set the air conditioning directly from your phone no matter where you are. This can help you prepare the room if you're out and will be arriving home shortly.

An HVAC contractor can also zone the central air unit of your home. With a zoned unit, you can set different temperatures for every vent. For example, you can set the nursery to 70 degrees and keep your room at a cooler 60 degrees. This allows both you and the baby to sleep comfortably throughout the newborn stage.

Filter Replacements & Repairs

During the first six months of a baby's life, their immune system is not as strong. During this time, you will want to eliminate any type of dust or allergen floating through the air. The best way to do this is by having the unit fully cleaned and get all of the air filters replaced. By doing this before the newborn arrives, you can ensure the cleanest air possible is put into your home. This will help your baby breathe and adjust without too much exposure to dirty air. Once the new filters are installed, you can set up a proper schedule for filter replacement and annual cleaning to keep the AC running.

One or more of these maintenance projects can typically be completed during a single appointment. Contact an HVAC company like Elite Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for an appointment and pricing information.